Rewards Canada News | Issue 42 | 04.30.04
Rewards Canada Page updates from the past two weeks

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Rewards Canada was in the press again this past week. We were featured in special section on Travel Rewards in Monday's issue of the Globe and Mail. The only problem with the article is that they got our URL wrong so most readers who wanted to visit the site probably didn't even get to unless they did a websearch. Watch for a new section to appear in the next few weeks on the Rewards Canada site called News & Articles. This new section will hold an archive of all the past newsletters as well as articles written for Rewards Canada on many different aspects of travel rewards.
is a new website that surveys travellers and rewards them airline miles ranging from 50 to 250 miles per poll. Travellers, after going through the registration process at our Web site, will be invited via email to participate in online surveys for select clients. Users can register here, which should take around five minutes:

You can now earn preferred status with US Airways twice as fast. Fly on purchased qualifying US Airways First Class and Envoy Class and United or Lufthansa First Class & Business Class* through December 31, 2004 and earn 200% credit toward Preferred miles (was 150%), 100% credit toward Preferred segments and 150% credit towards award miles. Purchase and fly Full Coach Class* (eg. Y or B fare classes on US Airways) and earn 150% credit toward Preferred miles (was 100%), 100% credit toward Preferred segments and 100% credit towards award miles. Valid until 12.31.04

Starting May 1st, Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Members can redeem their mileage for flights on Air Tahiti Nui. Valid routes are Los Angeles-Papeete, Tokyo-Papeete, Osaka-Papeete, Los Angeles-Auckland, Tokyo-Auckland and Osaka-Auckland.

Airline Program Bonus Highlights
Air Canada Aeroplan - View all Aeroplan offers

Double Aeroplan Miles on Rapidair flights between Toronto and Ottawa or Toronto and Montreal on flights operated by Air Canada or Air Canada Jazz. Valid on any fares that normally accumulate Aeroplan miles. From 04.22.04 - 06.30.04
10,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles for every roundtrip or 2 one way se
gments you fly in J Class between Montreal and Paris (06.23.04-08.23.04), London (06.01.04-08.31.04) or Frankfurt (07.01.04-09.01.04). Valid on J class only, C Class and upgrades not included.

Northwest Airlines WorldPerks - View all WorldPerks offers

Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles Concorde Spirit Tours has chartered a Northwest Airlines 747-400 between to fly around the world over both poles and attempt a new speed record. Earn 50,000 Bonus Miles for Business Class, 25,000 Bonus Miles in Coach.. Full details here. You must provide Promotion Code 744 at time of reservation to be eligible to receive WorldPerks Bonus Miles on this flight. Until 06.30.04

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer - View all KrisFlyer offers

50% Bonus KrisFlyer Miles for direct flights between Singapore and Vancouver (SQ17/18). Until 06.30.04

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