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The Ultimate No Fee Travel Points Credit Card Portfolio
Last Updated: June 21, 2016


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In this feature of Rewards Canada's Ultimate Credit Card Portfolios we look at the ultimate one for earning travel points that you can use for virtually any travel and not have to pay any annual fees.We have always recommended that you should carry a Visa, a Mastercard and an American Express card in your wallet. The reason why is that there are benefits, promotions and earning potential unique to each brand of credit card. We won't go into detail here as you can read all about it in our feature on how to Maximize your Miles and Points but here we outline one card from each brand that will help you build up those travel rewards points faster than ever without having to worry about paying annual fees. Ultimately there are various options that could be utilized for such a portfolio but we look at one card from each issuing family that will provide strong travel point earning.

What is Rewards Canada's Ultimate No Fee Travel Points Credit Card Wallet? It is the following three cards

Mastercard - Capital One® Aspire Travel™ Platinum Mastercard®

American Express - This card is no longer available (we'll update this shortly)

Visa - This card is no longer available (we'll update this shortly)

The card that is not an obvious choice but is the main card in this portfolio is The Scotiabank More Rewards Visa. The card was just released in May and while isn't get much coverage elsewhere, we crunched the numbers and the card is a travel point collectors dream. With returns between 1.695 and 2.54% for travel not only is it the highest earning no-fee travel rewards card in the market but it also competes direclty with fee based cards! The portfolio continues with the to be replaced Credit Card. This card has been ranked #1 by Rewards Canada in the Travel Points Credit Card with no annual fee category for many years and was the leader until the release of the More Rewards Visa. Rounding out the portfolio is the Capital One® Aspire Travel™ Platinum Mastercard®. This card, with no annual fee, is the best option to fill up the Mastercard requirement of the portfolio. While there may not be much spend put on the card it provides a very strong insurance package to give travellers piece of mind while on the road.

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How to maximize your Travel Points earning with these cards

The main card in this porfolio is the Scotiabank More Rewards Visa card. This may come as a surprise to many of you as More Rewards isn't very well known, especially outside of B.C. and Alberta. That being said, don't be swayed by this or even Scotia's own wording on their website that states the card is better suited for those out west. Simply put, this card is the highest earning no free travel points card in Canada. It earns 6 More Rewards points per dollar spent and More Rewards partners. This is where the wording for 'better out west' comes from since most More Rewards partners are located in the West like Save On Foods and Overwaitea. However Petro-Canada recently became a More Rewards partner so nationwide you can earn the 6 points per dollar when buying gas or goods in a Petro-Canada conveniece store. So what are the 6 points worth? A whoppping 2.54% when redeemed for travel via More Rewards! That's even more than the majority of fee based card in Canada! But what about when you use the card at non More Rewards partners? Well it earns 4 points per dollar anywhere you can use a Visa card, so most places and that 4 points per dollar equates to a 1.695% return. Still at that rate it is the highest earning no fee travel rewards point card in the Canadian market.

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Finally you have the Capital One® Aspire Travel™ Platinum Mastercard®. It may earn the least out of the three cards but is ideal to have for those places that only accept Mastercard like Costco . It only earns 1 mile per $1 spent which equates to a 1% return but the card has an insurance package that makes even many fee based cards envious. This is the strong point of this card and should be used for purchases where the insurance benefits like Price Protection and baggage delay can come in handy.

Now we go on to the fun part. Redeeming! Two of three of these cards provide the utmost in redemption flexibility. You essentially book your travel with whomever you want and when the charge shows up on your account you redeem points against the charge. The cards for that option are the Capital One card. The More Rewards Visa is slightly less flexible as you have to book via More Rewards Travel either online or by phone so an issue may arise where they aren't showing the best price on their site. However in our experience it just takes a phone call to have them try to find a deal you may have found elsewhere and book it for you. All three allow partial redemptions, so you don't need the full amount of points but rather if you paid $1,000 for your hotel and have $500 worth of points, you can redeem those points for what amounts to a $500 discount on your hotel stay. The minimum amounts needed to redeem are 100 points on the More Rewards Visa and no minimum redemption amount on the Capital One card. Now, chances are you'll have points spread out across at least two of the cards here, so when it comes to booking travel, put your flights onto one card and your hotel or other travel expenses like a car rental on the other so that you can redeem points from both cards towards the eligible charges. That is the beauty of these cards, you are not stuck to one airline or one hotel, you are not at the whim of a loyalty program that may route you through multiple cities to get to your destination nor have any rooms left to redeem hotel points for. Not to mention with the Amex and Capital One cards, these points are good for any travel, all inclusives, ferry rides and even whale watch excursions (read more about that here). Even if booked while on vacation, the Amex card gives you 12 months after the charge posts to your account to redeem points for it and Capital One cards give you three months. That means you can travel without even having the points and collect afterwards to eventually redeem for it.

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The Ultimate No Fee Travel Points Credit Card Portfolio:

Card Card Features

Capital One Aspire Platinum Mastercard
Capital One® Aspire Travel™ Platinum Mastercard®

Capital One® Aspire Travel™ Platinum Mastercard®
• Earn reward miles – with no annual fee!
• Earn 1 reward mile for every $1 spent – on all purchases
• Get 10,000 bonus reward miles when you spend $500 on net purchases in the first 3 months after account opening – a value of $100 in travel
• Annual interest rate of 19.8%

• Redeem for travel, cash, or gift cards
• Valuable Platinum Mastercard benefits, including Purchase Assurance and Extended Warranty
• Add an authorized user for $0

Platinum Travel Benefits
• Baggage Delay
• Travel Accident Insurance
• Travel Assistance
• Car Rental Collision/Loss Damage Waiver

Everyday Platinum Benefits
• Price Protection Service
• Extended Warranty
• Purchase Assurance

Mastercard Benefits
• Mastercard Global Service™
• Zero Liability

Apply now for the Capital One® Aspire Travel™ Platinum Mastercard®


To be updated shortly

Scotiabank More Rewards Visa

Scotiabank More Rewards Visa
  • Earn 6 More Rewards points for every $1 spent on purchases at participating More Rewards locations1
  • Earn 4 points for every $1 on other purchases everywhere else1
  • Get 1 additional point for every dollar you spend when you also use your More Rewards loyalty card at partner locations1
  • Flexible redemption options and reward choices. Visit morerewards.ca for details.
    Apply now for the Scotiabank More Rewards Visa

  • Other Card Options:

    There are quite a few other options to change up this portfolio a little bit. The first option is on the Mastercard side, you can choose to go with the mbna Rewards Mastercard as it is also 1% back just like Capital One® Aspire Travel™ Platinum Mastercard® but it has virtually no insurance benefits.You could always jump on one of BMO's no fee AIR MILES card options as well. On the Visa side, the no fee travel points options have always been very weak and if for some reason the More Rewards Visa doens't do it for you your next best option is the RBC Rewards Visa Gold but it only provides a 0.5% return.

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    Talk to us!

    What do you find works best for you for earning the most no fee travel points? Do you use these three cards exactly as laid out above or do you use a different combination? Tell us in the comments section below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

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